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Waterproofing in Melbourne & Much More

LF Waterproofing is the number one choice for waterproofing in Melbourne. Our team of experienced waterproofing contactors in Melbourne can waterproof any area in your house that needs to be protected from moisture. Waterproofing is an important step during bathroom or laundry renovations, as it protects the structure of your home from rot, mould and termites. We also offer a full suite of services in addition to waterproofing in Melbourne, including:

Tile ReGrouting Services

If you’ve tried to clean your grout with no visible results, it could be time for our tile regrouting services. We can remove your old grout, insert new grout, and cover it all with sealant to protect the grout from new stains and damage. Your tiles will last for decades after this thorough treatment.

Water Leak Detection in Melbourne

While you might think that a leak requires plumber services in Melbourne, that isn’t always the case. Our tradespeople are experts in tracking down leaks in bathrooms and elsewhere in the house. Next time you need water leak detection in Melbourne, call LF Waterproofing first.

Gutter Cleaning

We use vacuum equipment and a high pressure hose to carry out an in-depth clean of your gutters, removing all debris. Get your gutters cleaned twice a year to prevent flooding and minimise stagnant water that can pose a corrosion risk to your gutter.

Leaf Guard Melbourne Installations

Want to save money on getting your gutters cleaned? Are you sick of cleaning your gutters yourself? Now you can have permanently clean gutters with our leaf guard Melbourne installations. A leaf guard will protect your gutters from leaves, sticks, dirt and debris, reducing the frequency of gutter cleaning.

Why Choose LF Waterproofing?

  • We offer free quotes
  • We provide certificates of compliance for waterproofing jobs
  • We can do bathroom renovations, extensions & new builds
  • Our team consists of expert qualified tradespeople
  • We use high-quality equipment and materials
  • We’re based in Keilor East but can travel within a 2 hour radius

For the Best in Waterproofing & Related Trades, Call LF Waterproofing

LF Waterproofing offers a wide range of services to improve the operation and comfort of your property. Based in Keilor East, we’re also conveniently located for local residents in the western suburbs. For prompt and reliable help with waterproofing in Melbourne and other home maintenance services, call us today on 0406 268 119.

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