Laundry Waterproofing In Melbourne

Laundry Waterproofing In Melbourne

The laundry is one of several moisture-prone areas of a house that should be waterproofed at the earliest opportunity. Fortunately, LF Waterproofing offers affordable laundry waterproofing services that can withstand Melbourne weather conditions. Whether you’re located in Tullamarine or a neighbouring suburb, we can come out and provide the assistance you need.

What is Waterproofing of a Laundry?

Laundries are lower risk areas compared to bathrooms or kitchens, but waterproof coatings are still required for the floors at a bare minimum. Our team has successfully completed laundry waterproofing jobs in the northern suburbs over the years by applying a membrane underneath the flooring to ensure the subfloor has the protection it needs. We can also seal the edges of your flooring using caulk for a tight seal against moisture, preventing damage and prolonging its lifespan.

Do You Need to Waterproof a Laundry?

Yes, it’s important to waterproof laundries due to them being one of several moisture-prone areas of your home. The washing machine and dryer generate condensation which surrounding structural components can absorb. Those components can deteriorate over time without waterproofing, creating conditions that allow mould to grow and the integrity of the building to weaken.

Finding the Right Waterproofing Company for You

Are you struggling to choose the best option from a list of waterproofing companies? It’s important that you choose a provider that not only gets the job done properly, but also treats you fairly and honestly. LF Waterproofing stands out from the rest of the competition for this very reason, in addition to:

  • Offering prompt and reliable assistance for clients within a two-hour radius of Keilor East
  • Having years of hands-on experience
  • Using equipment and materials of the highest quality

We can also provide caulking repairs, gutter cleaning, leaf guard protection, leak roof repairs and other services for your home or business.

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LF Waterproofing is one of the best laundry waterproofing companies for any residential property in Melbourne. Contact our friendly team today for more information and further assistance. Simply call us on 0406 268 119 or submit an online enquiry and we’ll respond in next to no time.

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