Caulking Repairs
Caulking Repairs

Caulking Services in Melbourne

When you need caulking services in Melbourne, including house caulking and window caulking services, come straight to LF Waterproofing. We have the expertise to carry out all your silicon repairs for both indoor and outdoor applications, and we pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail for a neat and clean finish. Based in Keilor East, we’re the number one choice for caulking in Moonee Ponds and surrounds, plus we also attend to jobs within a 2 hour radius.

What is House Caulking?

House caulking involves filling gaps where different building materials in your home join. There are many different kinds of caulk available on the market, but all are made from one of these four types of polymer:

  • Latex
  • Silicone
  • Polyurethane
  • Rubber

The kind of polymer base of the caulk will dictate its characteristics, such as what it will adhere well to, how easily it can be smoothed out, how durable it is, and how accommodating it is for painting over.

When Do I Need House Caulking?

You may need house caulking to:

  • Stop heated or cooled air escaping through cracks in your building
  • Prevent the growth of mould and mildew in your home
  • Protect the structural integrity of your home from moisture and wood rot
  • Create a barrier from water damaging your bathroom facilities
  • Neatly finish off areas where two building materials meet in your home

Is House Caulking Permanent?

Silicone is waterproof, flexible and crack proof, making it a permanent solution for drafts, insects, moisture seepage and many other potential problems. However, it’s essential to choose the correct caulk for the correct application, as acrylic caulk doesn’t have the same benefits as silicone and can crack and shrink. For the best caulking in the western suburbs of Melbourne, choose the expert caulkers at LF Waterproofing.

For All Your House Caulking Needs, Choose LF Waterproofing

Caulking doesn’t last unless you do it right. You need to know not only the right way to apply it, but the correct kind of caulking to use. At LF Waterproofing, we’ve got the necessary skill, experience and qualifications necessary to do a brilliant job when it comes to window caulking services and much more. Organise house caulking today by calling us on 0406 268 119.

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