Effective Waterproofing & Caulking Services in Melton

Effective Waterproofing & Caulking Services in Melton

If your shower, bathroom, laundry, roof or balcony is experiencing any leakage issues, then your property needs leak repairs straight away. At LF Waterproofing, we offer expert waterproofing installation and repairs for Melbourne homes. Our experienced waterproofing contactors in Melton can waterproof any part of your house to protect it from issues related to moisture, mould, rot and termites. We’ve established ourselves as the most trusted name when it comes to waterproofing in Melbourne, providing a wide range of services to improve and protect your Melton property.

Why Choose LF Waterproofing?

Areas of the house that regularly get wet, such as baths, showers, toilets and laundries, must be made to be water resistant to protect them from moisture damage and to comply with Australian Standard AS3740 – Waterproofing of domestic wet areas.

Water leakage can eventually cause structural damage that is expensive to repair. One of our qualified waterproofing experts will inspect every leak around your property and any damage caused to ascertain the extent of the work required to fix the problem. We also provide you with an obligation-free quote and a long-term solution to your issues with trusted leak repairs work.

Our Services


LF Waterproofing provides high-quality waterproofing for homes in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne, including Melton and beyond. Our team is available for both interior and exterior waterproofing jobs across Melbourne. Whether you require waterproofing for your laundry, bathroom, balcony or elsewhere on your property, our team can do it.

Caulking Services

If you require caulking services for your Melton home, LF Waterproofing is the best choice. We have the necessary expertise to carry out house and window caulking jobs in Melbourne as well as performing silicon repairs for both internal and external applications.

Gutter Cleaning

You should get your gutters cleaned regularly to prevent debris from building up that can affect the water flow in gutters and cause them to rust and corrode. Our team can provide first-rate gutter cleaning in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and elsewhere. We clean out gutters with effective vacuum tools and a high pressure hose that will ensure that your gutters catch and direct water away from your house as intended.

Regrouting Services

Melton and Melbourne homeowners know they can rely on LF Waterproofing for effective balcony, bathroom and shower regrouting that will help to prevent mould and moisture from building up. Our qualified team are available to remove your old grout, put in new grout, and cover it all with sealant that will protect the grout from further staining and damage. Your tiles will last for decades thanks to our tile regrouting service. Whether your tiles are made of stone, ceramic, bluestone, sandstone or porcelain, our experts can maintain their appearance by cleaning, sealing, polishing, regrouting, or colour sealing your existing grout.

Repair Services

LF Waterproofing provide prompt roof repairs in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, including emergency roof repairs when required. One of our friendly team members will identify the problems in the sealants and then conduct leak repairs at your Melbourne property for your roof, helping to keep your property dry and secure.

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For prompt and reliable waterproofing and caulking services in Melton and greater Melbourne, call LF Waterproofing today on 0406 268 119. We’ll provide you with an obligation-free assessment and quote that takes your budget into consideration.

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