4 Signs You Might Need Regrouting or Caulking Services

4 Signs You Might Need Regrouting or Caulking Services

The tiles in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen might look fine at first glance. When applied correctly, grout should last a decade. However, this concrete based bonding material will eventually wear away, increasing the likelihood of your floors and walls being susceptible to damage. There are various signs to keep an eye out for that can indicate grout is ageing. If you spot any of the following signs, it might be time to seek out regrouting services to get them back in order.

1. The Grout Hasn’t Been Sealed Properly

Grout prevents undesirable materials from being absorbed and causing stains. Properly sealed grout lasts for a long time and doesn’t require too much work to maintain. Grout should be sealed at least once a year, which is why regrouting services in Melbourne are essential.

2. The Grout and Tiles Can’t be Properly Cleaned

Grout and tiles in showers and bathroom floors are particularly susceptible to staining, as these are warm and humid environments where bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi can thrive. If your tiles look particularly dirty and are hard to properly clean regardless of how often you clean them, this is an obvious sign that you require professional regrouting and caulking services for your Melbourne home, as well as bathroom waterproofing.

3. The Grout is Crumbling

Grout can crumble if it’s old or wasn’t installed properly to begin with. This could also be due to you being too rough when cleaning it or using the wrong cleaning products on it. Once the grout starts to crumble, professional regrouting services are necessary to solve the problem.

4. Your Grout Appears Stained or Discoloured

Discoloured or stained grout is another indication that professional regrouting and caulking services are needed. This usually happens due to the tiles and grout ageing, but having them re-grouted can make them look like new again.

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