Tips for Maintaining Your Home Over Time

Tips for Maintaining Your Home Over Time

If you often have to arrange caulking services, leak roof repairs or any other type of maintenance work around your house, LF Waterproofing can help. Continue reading for some handy tips to follow to keep your house structurally sound and keep costs down.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Since gutters often accumulate leaves, debris and grime over time, you should clean your gutters at least once or twice a year. While you’re doing this, check that the gutters are properly attached to the house. Cleaning your gutters can save you money on purchasing replacement gutters, including having to pay for leak roof repairs. Another option is to install gutter guard protection to help keep your gutters clear of debris.

To save yourself some money, you can try to clear blocked gutters yourself by following these steps:

  • Wear rubber gloves and/or a long-sleeved top
  • Use a steady and reliable ladder and place it against the side of your house
  • Scoop any dirt and debris you find out with a small shovel
  • Dump the dirt and debris onto a tarp, not your lawn
  • Rinse the gutters with a hose

Door and Window Caulking

Caulk is an inexpensive way of sealing cracks between windows or doors and their frames or the wall to prevent water and air leaking through. You’ll also notice there’s a lot of caulk around your shower, bathtub, sinks, basins and other areas that get wet. However, caulk dries out and cracks over time, and when it does, it can no longer protect your property against water. If you see that the caulk has cracked, you can scrape out the old stuff and re-caulk these areas. Hardware stores stock many types of caulk and should be able to help you find the appropriate type for your specific needs. However, if you’re having trouble doing this, LF Waterproofing can provide professional door and window caulking services for Melbourne households.

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